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Article Tutorial: Building a shopping cart in PHP
This is yet another shopping cart tutorial. But the technique i will discuss is quick and easy to understand, all you need to learn this tutorial is the knowledge of PHP sessions and some array functions. So i am not going to tell you what a shopping cart is? What are sessions and how they work, i will rather jump to how we are going to build a shopping cart. But before this, you can view an online demo of this tutorial and you should also download tutorial files to your computer. Lets start!
Added: 17-Jul-09 | By: Richard Clark | Views: 881063
Article Common Regular Expressions/Data Validation using RegEx
10 common regular expression for data validation
Added: 26-Jul-09 | By: Richard Clark | Views: 23332
Article Creating a Basic Template System in PHP
This article shows you how to use the php include function to implement a template system in PHP. It will not be a full fledged template system, it will rather teach you how to setup a basic template system in PHP
Added: 01-Nov-09 | By: Richard Clark | Views: 40992
Article Creating Group Reports in VB6 using Data Report
It is often required in database applications to have a report which shows data in a hierarchal fashion. It is a little tricky in Visual Basic to create such reports. This tutorial will help you create such a report. Before you continue reading this tutorial. Download a zip file containing the sample code.
Added: 16-Jan-10 | By: Richard Clark | Views: 55965
Article Creating Email Templates in PHP
This article is about sending emails from PHP based on templates with expansion of variables. This technique will allow website administrator to update template text whenever required. A simple php script can update the template text stored in the database.
Added: 16-Jan-10 | By: Richard Clark | Views: 33483
Article Displaying Records in Multiple Columns Using PHP
It is a very common technique to display data read from the database in multiple columns. The data can be text, image or mixture of both. This article will guide you presenting data in multiple columns using PHP.
Added: 16-Jan-10 | By: Richard Clark | Views: 53395
Article The PHP Paging Algorithm
There is already an article on Partitioning Results into Pages on QualityCodes, Here is an improved version of paging algorithm.
Added: 17-Jan-10 | By: Richard Clark | Views: 9368
Featured Codes
Zip File Image Verification/Authentication in PHP
A very simple way of doing image verification(Avoiding automated registerations) in PHP. There is a single php which can be included in every script that needs image verification

Click Here to view online demo
By Andrew R on 25-Mar-08 10:06:28 AM GMT
Zip File Creating DHTML/Javascript Tree from Mysql Data uing PHP
This sample PHP code creates a Tree from records stored in mysql database. The database has 2 tables namely categories and products, products are grouped into different categories. The tree is shown in the browser with option to expand & collapse.The database export is included with sample products and categories

Click Here to view online demo
By Andrew R on 25-Mar-08 10:16:58 AM GMT
Zip File English Shoes[ A complete database application]
This is a complete solution to shoes store/shop. Handles inventory, sales and accounts. Options to add salesmen,suppliers,users and colors. Handles Sale & Purchase returns. Includes more than 20 reports. A perfect example to learn database programming in vb 6
By Andrew R on 19-Mar-08 12:08:43 PM GMT
Zip File Typing Fingers (A complete Typing Tutor in Java)
This is a complete typing tutor with features including 3 different typing styles, Color customization e.g. type color, background color, error color, Background and error sounds, User customization is saved.Typing speed graph and more ... Developed in AWT and Swing controls (Tested on jdk1.4)
By Colin Smith on 16-Mar-08 07:58:26 AM GMT
Zip File Remote Screen Capture
This is a network application which runs on 2 computers. You can operate a remote computer with the help of this application First computer (Lets call it client) creates screen shots and sends them to the other computer(Lets call it server). Server receives snapshots of client machine continuesly and displays them on a Window. On the server side, events are captured (like mouse movement, clicks and keystrokes) and sent to the client application which excutes those events on her side
By Colin Smith on 16-Mar-08 08:01:02 AM GMT
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